Andy T – Weary Of The Flesh

Weary Of The Flesh

Andy T or Andrew Thorley formed Reputations In Jeopardy in 1977. By 1980 Andy T decided to continue on his own. Andy T was known for being one of the few anarchist solo artists that was also a poet. Andrew T took the idea of punk that ‘anyone can do it’ and carried on as a solo performer, regardless of what people thought of him. During the end of 1982, Andy T released his ‘Weary of the Flesh’ single on Crass records. Andy managed to then play several gigs with bands such as Crass, The System, Dirt and Flux Of Pink Indians, and often those bands drummers would back up Andy while he recited his poetry, he also had cassettes that would play weird sounds.  There was talk of an L.P. coming out after the single, but it was never finished because sometime around 1983, Andy gave up performing after becoming overwhelmed with idiots in the scene, his kids and working. However, Andy T began performing again in about 2011 and still continues to gig today. Weary Of The Flesh was released on vinyl by Crass Records (221984/5) in 1982.


  1. Tomorrow?
  2. What About The Old?
  3. Dirty Squatters
  4. Tiny Revolutions
  5. Wasted Life
  6. Big Boys
  7. Death Is Big Business
  8. Man’s Life
  9. Techno Cock-Up
  10. Morbid Fascination
  11. Exploitation
  12. Family Joy
  13. Weary Of The Flesh
  14. Blood-Stained Glass

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The New Blockaders – Gesamtnichtswerk : 20th Antiversary Antiology :


Luigi Russolo is widely credited as being the first major noise theorist with his Art Of Noises manifesto. But contemporary artists like The New Blockaders were the first to progress from the use of noise as assault on tonality to the development of a rich, complex language. They combined a masked mythology with a militant anti-art/anti-music stance. This was the very definition of nihilism through sound. They can truly be credited as pioneers of Noise music as we know it today. Excellent CD compilation box, collecting most of there important releases from 1982 to 2002. Gesamtnichtswerk : 20th Antiversary Antiology : was released as a 4 CD box + 2 booklets (8 page + 24 page) by Hypnagogia (TNB20) in 2003. Limited edition of 500 copies.


Changez Les Blockeurs <1982>

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two

Reductio Ad Absurdum <1982/2002>

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two

Live Offensives <1983-1994>

  1. Morden Tower <07/83>
  2. Morden Tower <10/83>
  3. Morden Tower <01/84>
  4. Morden Tower <04/94>

Simphonie In X Major <1989>

  1. First Movement
  2. Second Movement

Simphonie In O Minor <1991>

  1. Simphonie In O Minor

Die Stunde X <1993>

  1. Die Stunde X

20th Antiversary Wreckordings <2002>

  1. Crincum-Crancum
  2. Meta-Klamauk <For Jean=”" Tinguely=”">
  3. Warum Hatte Das Blockieren Halten?
  4. Null Bei Ohr

Download Flac Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4


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