Étant Donnés – Bleu


As for post n° 100 here’s the third and final part in the trilogy. The other parts are Aurore and Royaume . THE CD THAT CLOSES THE TRILOGY, Bleu, even more serene, allows a light breeze to blow about, saying “everything is here”, before you, like some evidence. As was the case with the previous recordings, amplified natural sounds, reduced to their essence, are unveiled and come to life with a heat that is almost more real than reality, as though to this day we had never been present, tuned in to the world, ETANT DONNÉS rediscover the Face Vert and unveil, in broad daylight, the atomic energy contained in every bit of the universe. The resultant impression reminds you, to some extent, of certain self-possession techniques (Gurdjieff, Tchann, Dzog Chen…), more particularly those which rely on the support of the sound wall as a reminder of Oneself. In the booklet accompanying Bleu, a trivial-Iooking photograph reminds us of a snapshot, taken by the follower Kamala-Jnana, of the peacock’s tail in a state of putrefaction during which, we are told, “matter is most block and blood most red”. During this very phase, as the alchemist Roger Caro explains, “the slightest bubbling of the liquid creates a fairy scene of colours”. And it is precisely this rainbow, both sonorous and visual, of the Solve phase, that we are brought back to by the performances of ETANT DONNÉS, during which time seems to be alternately compressed and expanded. In their own way, ETANT DONNÉS perpetuate the very select circle of alchemist image-makers who, like Michel Maïers in his Atatanta Fugiens ou Lambpsrinck in De Lapide Philosophico, drew up allegorically, poetically, and in a way intelligible only to the followers, the various phases of the microcosmic and macrocosmic magistery. “What is at the top is like what is at the bottom, for the miracle of one only thing”Hermes Trismegistus. Bleu was released on CD by Staalplaat (STCD 023) in 1994, The front cover is a separate holographic card.


  1. Aime-Moi
  2. Droite
  3. Mercure
  4. Sirene
  5. S’Envole
  6. Pierre Lune
  7. Comète
  8. Force De L’Amour



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