Various – Erotika


Excellent compilation cassette on Sleep Chamber’s own label. Most bands on the cassette Sleep Chamber related bands except for Controlled Bleeding, Human Flesh and Die Form. The sounds on the cassette range from abstract to industrial and experimental. Erotika was released on cassette by Inner-X-Musick (XXX-20) in 1985.

Tracks: (ripped by Dan)

  1. Women Of The SS – Daily Voyerist
  2. Sleep Chamber – Oral Maze (Live)
  3. The Mahcanik – Flesh Meets Machine
  4. Women Of The SS – Touch Me
  5. 7 From Life – Caress Of The Incubus
  6. Controlled Bleeding – Cold Steel
  7. Human Flesh – Saxual Perversion
  8. Die Form – Love Pain
  9. Cult Of The Womb – Untitled

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5 Responses to Various – Erotika

  1. Nexist418 says:

    I loved these compilations. Thank you.

  2. Tenedor says:


  3. Hey, how are you?? You have an excellent site, these Sleep Chamber-type comps look great!! Want to ask if you can post The Oblique Collection, circa 1985, it had Sleep Chamber, Dokument, and others! Its so good, I d love to hear it again, I had the record once back when. Anyhow, thanks a million for an A-one site, hope to see Oblique Collection on here! –Kenny

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