Various – Musica Venenae

Musica Venenae

Here’s another one of those Inner-X-Musick’s compilation cassette’s kindly provided by Dan. The cassette is subtitled “Industrial Culture Music Volume 1″, and sadly, no other volume’s where made. This release is more noise orientated then the previous one’s. Musica Venenae: Industrial Culture Music Volume 1 was released on cassette by Inner-X-Musick (XXX 30) in 1985.

Tracks: (ripped by Dan)

  1. Seven From Life – Asbestosis
  2. Noizeclot – Skum
  3. Jonathan Briley – Nux Vomica
  4. F/i – Numbing Effect
  5. Controlled Bleeding – Fumes
  6. P16-D4 – Jukubations Ureise
  7. Hidious In Strength – Hideous And Repulsive Device
  8. Merzbow – Totetsu Pattern
  9. The Mahcanik – Lost To Nitro
  10. Coup De Grace – The Deathening

Download Mp3 320


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4 Responses to Various – Musica Venenae

  1. pokemi says:

    Hello Cranio
    Hope this message finds you well
    do you have by chance Duotronic Synterror – Zerstoer Die Welt ?
    A vinyl rip of this release will be awesome.
    If you like i can send you stuff too? Let me know what you’re looking for at the moment
    Thank you for your great blog. I follow from the beginning : )
    Thank you again

    • cranio says:

      Sorry don’t have Duotronic Synterror, thanks for the offer of sending stuff, as I don’t have much time I’ll try to send you a list of what I’m looking for, that will be somewhere next week.

      And yes everything is ok,
      thanks for the comment and following the blog so long,


  2. Michael says:

    *Adore* what you post – *thank you!* for your wonderful blog!!! Peace!

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