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Various – Der Bau

Der Bau

Der Bau is an excellent cold/new wave compilation from 1986. The only little disappointing thing about it is the quality of some recordings, or my copy must be a very bad one, but in the end they turned out OK. now on to the little information I cloud find about the bands: Siglo XX hail from Genk, a depressed industrial city in Belgium. After the closing of the coal pits, Genk has now a painful present of unemployment, poverty, drug abuse and violence. In that context, there’s nothing unusual in a “rock” group stamping their sound with a hard, dark, but also very personal and emotional philosophy. Their formative years were the years of Punk. And perhaps there you’ll find a cause for their headstrong tenacity of doing it in their own way. Siglo XX refuse to produce music that shys away from looking reality straight in the eye. They’ve succeeded in imbuing their art with a touch of impressionism that’s sadly lacking in a world preferring to whistle only unaffected melodies. Siglo XX have remained passionate and fascinated, following their own chosen way without losing sleep over fashion or trends. Constantly evolving, the group attracts a growing number of commited fans all over Europe. Asylum Party was one of the bands that emerged out of the so called “Nouvelle Vague”, the French New Wave. Like British bands such as And also the trees, Sad lovers and Giants, The Comsat Angels and The Chameleons they played a very dreamy, refined kind of post-punk.The band was founded in 1985 in Courbevoie and consisted of Thierry Sobézyk, Philippe Planchon and Pascale Macé and disbanded in 1990. Neutral Project was a French synthetic coldwave active in the late 80′s. Their first tape was produced with the help of Olivier Champeau (Little Nemo). They were close friends with the german band Endraum. Clair Obscur is a French group (for some time also known as CO2) which started out in the early 80′s and still active. Their music ranges from new wave to weird sound experiments. Little Nemo is a French band formed in 1983 by Olivier Champeau. Their first works had a quite romantic new-wave sound. It has radically evolved during the years with electro-dance atmospheres and/or rock-y sounds.They gained a much larger audience when they signed to Lively Art and were part of the Touching Pop (pseudo musical movement they created together with Asylum Party and Mary Goes Round). Any info about the other bands would be very welcome. Der Bau was released as a cassette by Aspect D’Une Certaine Industrie (ACI 01) in 1986.


  1. Siglo XX – Sweet Jane
  2. Asylum Party – White Light
  3. Les Maîtres – Une Douleur Passagère
  4. Closed Session – My Shout
  5. Neutral Project – Reviens…
  6. Kindergarten – Spasmodic Alice
  7. Anonymes – Interrogation 3986
  8. Wallenberg – Dublin
  9. Dead Relatives – Father Tranquille
  10. Clair Obscur- Psychiatric
  11. Little Nemo – Love Is A Lie
  12. Komakino – Lacrima
  13. I.W.N.N. – Venus
  14. Bleme – This Wait



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