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Various – Myths 1, Instructions

Myths 1, Instructions

Excellent compilation lp from 1984, featuring Experimental / Post-Rock / Ambient artists. Mark Stewart started out in Bristol in 1978 with the Pop Group – an out-there, genre-busting band whose titles, political conviction, disrespect for copyright and willingness to collaborate laid the foundations for his later work.Post-Pop Group members Mark Stewart, Bruce Smith and John Waddington thus heading off to London and hooked up with the emerging On-U Sound as part of the New Age Steppers. On-U supremo, Adrian Sherwood, had previously worked as European tour manager for legendary Jamaican deejay Prince Far I, whose live backing band largely comprised members of Creation Rebel and later Roots Radics. So while Lincoln Valentine ‘Style’ Scott (drums), Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt (bass) and Eric ‘Bingy Bunny’ Lamont (rhythm guitar) formed the core of Dub Syndicate, they were also enlisted as part of Stewart’s new backing band – the first line-up of the Maffia. William Seward Burroughs II, 5 February 1914, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, d. 2 August 1997. Novelist Burroughs initially drew acclaim as a “member” of the 50s Beat movement, alongside friends and peers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. His acclaimed publications, notably The Naked Lunch, The Soft Machine and The Ticket That Exploded, exhibited the “cut-up” technique first espoused by fellow-writer Bryon Gysin, in which passages and texts were cut and reassembled to create unconscious writing. The pair subsequently brought the same method to recording during their stay at the “Beat Hotel’ in Paris. Burroughs’ experimental nature and his espousal of drug use made him an attractive figure of the 60s” counter-culture. Aided in sound by Martin Olson. The Camberwell Now is a Experimental rock band formed in 1982 by Charles Hayward after the breakup of This Heat. Martyn Bates , Peter Becker, after releasing experimental/industrial tapes of Antagonistic Music/Dissonance (as Migraine Inducers), Martyn Bates formed Eyeless In Gaza in 1980 as a duo with Peter Becker. Eager to explore musical territories that veered crazily from filmic ambience to rock and pop, industrial funk to avant-folk styles, the duo steered hungrily and rapidly through several albums that culminated in the reflective swan songs of Rust Red September and Back From the Rains. Myths 1, Instructions was released on vinyl by Sub Rosa ( SUB 33001-1) in 1984, in 1995 re-released on cd as Myths 1, Instructions For Survival by Sub Rosa (SR 01). This is the vinyl version.


  1. Mark Stewart And The Maffia – The Wrong Name And The Wrong Number
  2. William S. Burroughs – The Five Steps
  3. The Camberwell Now – For Those In Peril Of The Sea
  4. The Camberwell Now – Resplash
  5. Martyn Bates , Peter Becker – Sun-Like-Gold

(Sun-Like-Gold is recorded as one track, subtitles are: a. To Steven, b.Sun-like-gold, c.To Elizabeth)



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