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Nurse With Wound / Spasm – Creakiness / Firepool

Here’s the rare Nurse With Wound / Spasm split album. NWW needs no introduction, Spasm is a band from the UK, members are Ade Williams, Andy Hilton, Andy Semple, James Mannox. James Mannox can be found on various albums by Current 93, Death In June and Sol Invictus. And that’s about all there is to find about them. Spasm sound like a psychedelic 70′s post-punk band, and as Steven Stapleton mixed the tracks, he added some unconscious spasms to the 2 tracks, making it a fabulous end result. Creakiness of NWW later appeared on the Sugar Fish Drink CD. Creakiness / Firepool was released on United Dairies (UD038) as a 12″ in a limited edition of 2500 copies.


  1. NWW – Creakiness

    a. Hair, Fur and Twiggs Jameson
    b. Delilah’s Lap
    c. Creakiness
    d. Admirals of the Blim
    e. Electric Fretum Attachment

  2. Spasm – Firepool Part One
  3. Spasm – Jellymoon

(Tracks 2 & 3 are recorded as one track)



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