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Various – Batcave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns

Excellent compilation album featuring new wave, goth rock and experimental bands from the UK. Specimen: One of the first and most important bands in the Goth scene, the Specimen was born in early 1981 in Bristol. They moved to London, recruited drummer Jonathan in ’82 and started the scene defining club, The Batcave, in Soho in July 1982. Johnny Melton, AKA Jonny Slut, joined soon after. Despite touring the UK and the States, they never achieved the fame of bands like Fields Of The Nephilim or The Mission and they split in 1985. Sexbeat: Formed originally by batcave DJ and better badges assistant guru, Hamish (guitars and vocals), la belle Sophie (bass and ID magazine cover), Linzi (USA and drums) and the darling Max Edie (guitars and voice), the band first supported the Meteors in the Lyceum in 1982 and, after losing Max (eventually to World Party), went on to play gigs at the Batcave , the Lyceum with The Gun Club, the Sisters of Mercy, and the Stray Cats, Hammersmith Palais with Killing Joke and the Cramps (as well as a 1983 UK tour with the Cramps). Patti Palladin: Snatch began when two Americans, Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon, living in the UK in 1974, decided to do what many of their friends were doing at the time and started a band. Greg Shaw (Bomp Records) heard the demos they recorded at Palladin’s flat in 1976 and he chose to release two of these as a single, “IRT”/”Stanley” in February 1977. She also was a member of The Flying Lizards. James T. Pursey: Lead singer and songwriter with the UK Punk group Sham 69. Pursey formed Sham 69 in the year 1976, left to pursue other projects (such as the Sham Pistols, and his solo career) at the end of the 1970s, reformed the band in 1987 and was fired from the band in 2007. Alien Sex Fiend: Getting their start at the Batcave club in London in 1982, Alien Sex Fiend quickly became known in the gothic scene for their psychobilly, dark electronic, industrial sound, heavy samples and loops and manic vocals.Made up of the married couple Nik Fiend and Mrs. Fiend the band has put out a long discography over the years. Switching up easily from heavy industrial to ambient experimental styles, fans of Alien Sex Fiend are always wondering what the next album is going to entail. The Venomettes: Anne Stephenson is a violinist who was a member of The Venomettes in the early 80s and toured as part of Marc & The Mambas. Since then, she has also played with groups ranging from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to The Cure; and from the Manic Street Preachers to the Brilliant Strings Quartet (featuring her former Venomettes bandmate Gini Ball, née Hewes). Batcave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns was released on vinyl by London Records (CAVE 1) in 1983.


  1. Specimen – Dead Man’s Autochop
  2. Sexbeat – Sexbeat
  3. Test Dept. – Shockwork
  4. Patti Palladin – The Nuns New Clothes
  5. James T. Pursey – Eyes Shine Killidiscope
  6. Meat Of Youth – Meat Of Youth
  7. Brilliant – Coming Up For The Downstroke
  8. Alien Sex Fiend – R.I.P.
  9. The Venomettes – The Dance Of Death



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