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Various – Horrorbox


Here’s an excellent contribution from [POL-PAT], from the hard to find Trax label founded by Piermario Ciani, Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon from Spirocheta Pergoli. The sound on Horrorbox varies from minimal synth to experimental, noise and post-punk. Horrorbox was released as a cassette by Trax ( TRAX 0282) in a limited and numbered edition of 100 copies. No release date.


  1. Spirocheta Pergoli – Romero’s Living Dead
  2. Colin Potter – Away From The Public Eye
  3. Amok – Untitled
  4. Mecanique Vegetable – Untitled
  5. Pseudo Code – Forget It
  6. Daniele Cuillini – The Secret Door
  7. Amok – Untitled
  8. Bene Gesserit – Slowly Walking Between People
  9. Vittore Baroni – C&C (Crypt And Catacomb)
  10. Maphillips – The Invisible Song
  11. Amok – Untitled
  12. Robert Gillham , Sylvia James – Sei-Be
  13. Final Program – Cure For Cancer
  14. E. Coli – Borax
  15. Tacky And The Original Vecettes – Radial Dub
  16. Dislokate Klammer – I’ve Just Seen A Face
  17. B-Sides – The Creation
  18. Alex Torridzone Igloo , Dislokate Klammer – Fusion Polka
  19. Mercanary God – Italian Way Of Live
  20. Piermario Ciani – The Last Ten Minutes Of Pompei
  21. Vittore Baroni – Untitled
  22. M.B. – Untitled
  23. Daniele Ciullini – Untitled
  24. Eddy Fontaine – Untitled
  25. A. Decay – Untitled
  26. Lustmørd – Assault No. 6
  27. E. Coli – Reprise

(A note regarding the release : The inserts are ambiguous regarding the numerous tracks and formations of the cassette, so the track listing may not be entirely accurate.)



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